What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a user authentication service in which one set of login credentials (username and password) can be used to access multiple applications, websites, and data.

SSO can be used by both consumers and enterprise platforms. You can think of using Google, Facebook, or Twitter to sign in to a third-party service, saving time and effort on creating separate credentials.

SSO can be great for productivity and security control. With one security token (a username and password pair), you can enable and disable user access to multiple systems, platforms, apps, and other resources. You also reduce the risk of lost, forgotten, or weak passwords.

An SSO strategy can eliminate password-related reset costs and downtime, mitigate the risk of insider threats, improve user experience and authentication processes, and put the organization firmly in control of user access.

Why SSO?

SSO improves user experience by reducing the effort and time because they don’t have to log in repeatedly to multiple applications and websites. And improved security is less likely to cause account-related issues with multiple usernames and passwords.

You can read more about the importance of SSO and how it’ll benefit you and the business in this article

Creately allows both consumers and enterprises to access Creately applications, Community, Support with the SSO Identity providers listed below,

Azure AD



You can read more about configuring these providers with Cretely, by clicking on each provider listed above. If you’re using a different provider, please contact your IT or simply let us know, we’ll help you configure.

How does SSO work?

With single sign-on, this is what happens when you try to log in to an app or website:

The website first checks to see whether you’ve already been authenticated by the SSO solution, in which case it gives you access to the site.

If you haven’t, it sends you to the SSO solution to log in.

You enter the single username/password that you use for corporate access.

The SSO solution requests authentication from the identity provider or authentication system that your company uses. It verifies your identity and notifies the SSO solution.

The SSO solution passes authentication data to the website and returns you to that site.

After login, the site passes authentication verification data with you as you move through the site to verify that you are authenticated each time you go to a new page.

Benefits of using SSO in Creately

No need for passwords

Using SAML, a standard protocol used by web browsers to enable SSO through secure tokens. It completely eliminates the need for passwords. Therefore, you don’t need to enter the

username and password each time you access Creately.

As a corporate, you have control over your employees who use Creately. You can provision/activate or de-provision/deactivate your employees who have access to our application.

No need to provide a separate plan for each employee of your company. When they simply use your company domain to login to our app, they will be added to your team plan automatically.




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