The aim when making Creately is to ensure it is intuitive to use. However, we realize that not everyone thinks the same way and while we do strive to ensure the features and operation of Creately makes sense for all, there will be times when a manual or help page can be useful. Because of this, we have created the following pages:

Getting Started - Guide

Diagramming basics - creating diagrams, folders, import and export
Advanced editor usage - team management, styling, contextual toolbar
Sharing and Collaboration - how to share a diagram, collaborate, adding collaborators.

Creately Help Videos - Creately YouTube Channel


Help Desk

Crisp Help Desk


Facebook Messanger
Twitter DM

Human Support

Chat - You can always reach us via our support chat channel for a quick assistance
Ticketing - You can open a support ticket if you couldn't reach us/get a solution via our support chat channel.
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