Creately follows a natural trust based philosophy on user access control allowing for high level of flexibility within trusted user circles.

Two sets of user permissions exist within Creately allowing for application permission management and diagram / folder permission management. These allow for independent user access management and diagram content management.

Account management and permissions

Account management allows for an account administrator to assign rights to use the purchased Creately licenses. Within a Team account a “Super Administrator” is responsible for allowing users to access Creately by providing access to Creately premium, managing billing and handling upgrades and downgrades.

The administrator roles for a Creately Team account do not affect the permissions associated with documents created within Creately by team members. It is possible to have documents that are created by a team member of the account not be visible to the account administrators. This allows for separation of concerns between IT infrastructure management and end users of the product allowing for confidential content to be shared on a need to know basis.

account management and permission

Diagram and Folder permissions overview

Creately’s diagram and folder permissions are separate from Account roles. Every person who is a premium plan user in Creately has equal status when using the application.

Folders and diagrams are shared within Creately by the owner or previously added collaborators with others to allow editing of the content and it is assumed that the new party is fully trusted with the content. The new collaborator is allowed to add further collaborators as well as manage the sharing.

View only mode for Creately content is allowed via unique links that do not require Creately accounts.

Folder Permissions

Creately Folders are a collection of diagrams that can have common sharing settings applied to all diagrams inside the folder. Each diagram inside the folder will inherit the sharing settings of the folder and can extend its own sharing settings beyond the folders baseline settings.

folder permission

Diagram Permissions

The creator of a diagram is considered the ‘Diagram owner’ and cannot be changed afterward. Sharing of the diagram with others allows them to modify the content, properties and sharing settings of diagrams.

The shared users may be from within the team plan or any other user that can create an account on

diagram permission
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