Creately demo is for anyone who would like to try our app without creating an account. You have the ability to test the basic functionalities in diagram creation, importing files and styling diagrams, loading more objects from the library, etc.

However, to access the complete app with all the features unlocked, you need to register and sign up for an account first.

We often get queries from our users inquiring how to access their diagrams created in a demo session. First of all, when you are on demo mode, that means you are not a registered user nor have an account with Creately yet, therefore you cannot save your diagram to access it in future. In order to save you need to sign up for an account.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an account in the demo session

Click on the "Sign Up" link on the message box you get while you're demoing the app

Demo Sign Up

You will then get a pop-up window to create an account (if you are a new user) or to sign in. If you are a new user, please enter the first name and last name, email ID and a password. Then click on the “Sign up” button. Alternatively, you can sign up using Facebook, Twitter and Google credentials.

Now you can select a plan that fits your requirement. You can select from Personal, Team or Public plan. And compare features listed under each plan by clicking the “Compare All Features” button. Check our plans here:

select a plan

In addition, you can select the Upgrade button to directly sign up with a subscription from demo.

Upgrade with Premium Plan

If you choose the Personal plan or the Team plan, you will be directed to the purchasing page. Here you can enter your business details, billing address and credit card details to proceed ahead with the payments. Remember, you can use a Visa, Amex, Mastercard credit card or a PayPal account to make payments.

Now that the account and the subscription have set up, you will redirect to the diagram you were demoing before. You can continue editing your diagram and come back later to access and make any changes.
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