Creately starter templates are in place to help you speed up visualizing your idea. You can start either with an industry-specific template or a diagram type with quick access to relevant shape libraries.

Professionally-Designed Shape Libraries

When you want to visualize your concepts and ideas from scratch, you can get access to the most relevant shape libraries simply by selecting the diagram type. You can always browse and add more shapes and icons from the shape library.

Selecting Diagram Types - Starter Templates

Using Templates

You can select a template, which is pre-drawn in Creately from the list of categories on the left-hand side. Categories are industry-specific, so it’s easier for you to find the example that you can use.

Once selected you can start populating the template with your data and customize it to your liking. This way you can save time from having to build your document from scratch.

Selecting Templates - Starter Template Examples

Accessing Creately's Starter Templates

You can access our starter templates whenever you’re creating a new document. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Log in with your Creately credentials and open the app at
Select a preferred folder you would like to create a new document in
Click on the “Add Document” button

Add Document button

You can then select a diagram type or a template from the list.


Creately helps you quickly find an ideal template you can use to visualize your idea or concept with minimal effort and time. Or you can simply get access to the shape libraries you want when you select the template type.

Industry-related examples to help you get a headstart
More than 100s of templates and examples added every day
Many professionally-built shape libraries for various scenarios
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