This is a step-by-step guide on how to set up Okta Identity provider and perform single sign-on (SSO) authentication with Creately to access Creately services.

Step 1: Create an application for Creately in Okta

Navigate to the Developer console in Okta.

Okta developer console

Pause over Developer Console and select Classic UI.

Classic UI

From the right side section, under Shortcuts select Add Application.

Select Add Application

Select Create New App.

Create New App

Select Platform as Web and Sign-on method as SAML 2.0 and click on Create button.

Create new app integration

Under General Settings, give an app name. We recommend giving Creately as the app name.

App name

Step 2: Configure SAML for Single Sign-on

Under Configuration SAML section. Provide below information,

Single Sign-on URL:

Authentication URL: urn:amazon:cognito:sp:us-east-1_WYOCOwRPp

Name ID Format: EmailAddress

Application Username: Email

SAML Settings

Scroll down for the Attribute Statement section. Provide below information,



Attribute Statement

Then press Next button.

Under the Feedback section, select option I'm a software vendor. I'd like to integrate my app with Okta and click on the Finish button.

feedback section

Now navigate to the Sign-on tab.


Scroll down to Sign-on methods and right click on Identity Provider metadata hyperlink and copy the link address. Provide this link to us (Creately).

Identity Provider metadata

Step 3: Add users to access Creately services

Now you can add users to the created application. To do that,

Navigate to Assignments tab -> click on Assign button and select option Assign to People

Add users

Pick a user you want to assign to Creately.

Then click on Save and Go back and click on Done button

Login Test

Use below URL to test the login on a web browser.
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