You can now search shapes inside Creately editor on the shape panel in the left sidebar.

How does it work?

Once you start typing in the search bar, the overlay will appear and suggestions will start appearing as a dropdown. While typing, shape results will show the shape thumbnail.

Shapes Search with a Key Word

If the search term is relevant to a library, that library will be listed as a result. It will be organized based on its priority with regard to the shape results. This is useful for users who look for the relevant shapes, so they can access the relevant library rather than searching for shapes separately.

Library Search with any Key Word

A library result is indicated by the dashed square icon and the label that says "Open Library" as seen in the image above.

How to use the search result?

If it is a shape result, you can simply click on the searched shape and it will appear on the canvas, or you can drag-n-drop it on to the canvas.

Shape Result - Click to add or drag and drop to the editor

If it is a library, click on the library search result and it will open the library on the shapes panel as shown in the image, along with your other opened shape libraries.

Open as a Library in the shapes panel
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