This article will help you manage your subscription, account and Creately products you use.

Add a subscription

You can add a subscription in the following stages/occasions.

When you're demoing our app

This is the first point where you can add a subscription. When you're demoing our app and want to sign up, we prompt you to add a subscription as per your need. Read the support article: Creately Demo User Account to learn more on adding a subscription on demo mode.

When you visit our plans page directly

If you did not go through our demo funnel and visited us directly via home page or any other landing pages, you can navigate to our plans page then sign up to add a subscription.

Change a subscription

You can upgrade to a higher plan by simply visiting our plan page and selecting the plan you would like to upgrade with. This is can be upgrading from Free version to Personal paid plan or Team plans.

To downgrade from a plan, you'll need to contact our support desk one of our support admins will contact you and process your request.

Remove a subscription

To remove a subscription too you will require to contact support desk assistance. You'll get an option to completely cancel the subscription and/or deactivate your account from Creately.

Changing and Removing subscription will soon be able to manage from the client's end. For the time being, subscription changing and removing will be done through support help desk requests.

Adding a payment method

Creately is a subscription-based company which our billing model is You can add any credit cards issued by VISA, Mastercard, American Express. Besides, you can use PayPal to make payments in Creately.

* Adding a Credit Card

You can add a credit card and make payments through our plans page.

Visit our plans page
Select a plan as per your requirement

If you're a new user complete the account creation form by filling in your personal information

New user sign up form

If you're an existing user log in with your Creately account email and you can then proceed ahead with payments by adding billing information.

Sign in and add billing information to proceed ahead

Select "Pay with Credit Card" option to add credit card details
Process the payment
You'll receive a message acknowledging the payment

Payment complete

Tip: You can update/change credit card information from your Creately Profile if you would like to use a different credit card to make payments

* Adding a PayPal account

You can go through the steps 1 and 2 as mentioned in adding credit card section, then follow the steps mentioned below,

Select "Pay with PayPal"
Click the "Checkout with PayPal" button and you'll redirect to the PayPal website.
You can select to subscribe with your PayPal account and log in to your PayPal account
Review the payment and click "Agree and Subscribe" button.
Payment will be made and you'll redirect to Creately purchasing page again.
You'll receive a message acknowledging the payment

Removing a payment method

Removing a payment method will automatically convert you to a non-paid account (Public account), losing features from the paid plan. Therefore, removing payment will be equivalent to downgrading/canceling the current paid subscription.

* Removing a Credit Card

You cannot remove a payment method if you've subscribed using a credit card. To remove your credit card and downgrade your plan, need to contact support help desk. One of our admins will process your request and confirm back via an email notification.

*Removing a PayPal payment

You can remove payments if you've subscribed using a PayPal account. You can simply log in to your PayPal account and cancel the subscription as explained in the steps below.

It's a simple process and should not take more than 2-3 minutes.

Log in to your PayPal account.
Click Profile (the gear icon) on the top right corner of the page.
- Click Pre-approved payments under "Payment settings".
Select the merchant (Creately) you want to cancel, and click Cancel.
Confirm the cancellation action.

A short video of how this is done can also be seen here - Removing PayPal subscription with Creately

Adding Creately Desktop as an Add-On

We offer Creately Desktop for a one time purchase of USD 75 for a single user license. However, if you're already a paid plan customer, you can purchase Creately Desktop for a discounted price of USD 49.

Adding Creately Desktop is simple when you follow these steps,

Log in with your Creately Online account
Visit our plans page and select Desktop tab
Select "Buy Now" button to proceed ahead
You can then select the preferred payment method - Credit Card or PayPal and check out
You'll receive a payment confirmation email along with the Desktop license key and instructions to install Creately Desktop.

You can visit your My Account section in your profile to view Desktop license key and upgrade seats to accommodate more users or computers to your existing desktop license.
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