At the moment a few of our customers are experiencing following issues in Creately,

Unable to open a document
Getting an error message upon opening the app and/or opening a document - oops error
Last edit version is not available and/or changes in the document are not saving
Unable to find a document

What should you do,

Reload the app as soon as you get an error message
Contact support with these information

Document name
Document URL
Operating System version
Browser version
Screenshot showing browser console

You can open console window in following browsers and OS.


Chrome Cmd Shift J
Edge F12 -> Developer Tools -> Console Tab
FireFox Cmd Shift K

Mac OS

Chrome Cmd Option J
Firefox Cmd Option K
Safari Option Cmd C

If you're continuously getting error messages, clear browser cache.

Clearing browser cache is a temporary workaround and we're already working on a fix that will be available in coming weeks

How to clear browser cache

Chrome browser, Windows

Open developer tools from the browser by pressing Ctrl Shift I
In the developer window, please select "Application" tab and select "clear storage" option.
You can then click on "Clear site data" and make sure have ticked the following boxes as shown in the attached screenshot.

Clear Browser Cache - Chrome

Log in with your credentials to access app and document.
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