You can import documents and folders in Creately.

Importing documents and folders from Classic App

This feature is useful for our existing customers who have been using Creately Classic app. You can import the documents and folders (projects) from Creately Classic app in 3 easy steps.

Log in with your Creately account email address - This is important to import your documents from Classic app, and if you're using a new address and an account in Creately, you'll require to log in with your previous account.

Go to Creately app and click "Import from Creately Classic"

Import Creately Classic documents and folders to Creately

Select the Folders (Projects) you would like to import and click "Import" button

Select the folders you would like to import

Importing will start and you can continue with your document creation until import completes.

Importing files from Creately Classic

Once the import is complete, Documents and Folders will be shown in the following structures.

Structure 1

Home Folder will show all your documents from Creately Classic "Home Project" folder. This means you can access all your Creately and Classic Home Folder documents in a single place.

Structure 2

Rest of the folders will start showing in the folder panel with "classic" tag on them, as shown below.

Importing Classic Documents

You can click on each folder to access the documents you created and the documents shared with you - where you're an editor. The documents which were shared with reviewer permission will not be shown.

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