Sharing folders lets you invite a number of editors and reviewers to collaborate with you in Creately.

Note: You can’t share Home folder and the folders that are shared as view only

Adding Collaborators to a Folder

You can add a collaborator from the folder panel with these simple steps.

Click on the folder icon from the panel
Navigate to the folder you would like to share/collaborate
Click 'Share' option from the drop-down menu (as shown in the GIF)
Start adding email addresses of the collaborators you want to invite

sharing and adding collaborators

Adding collaborators to a folder gives them permission to view or edit documents inside that folder. The permission applies in the following methods.

As an Editor you can,

Create a new document in the folder
Add new collaborators in the folder
Remove any existing collaborators in the folder
Change collaborator role of self and other collaborators - From Editor to Reviewer and vice versa.
View and edit documents
Add and Delete comments
Duplicate any shared documents

Adding Editors and Reviewers

As a Reviewer you can,

View any shared documents
View comments in a document
Add Comments

Folder Sharing Permission

You can either share a folder with specific users by adding their email addresses or with anyone in the team.

Anyone at your company/organization

You can share a folder by selecting the option "Anyone at [YourOrganizationName]" as shown in the image below. This lets anyone who's added to your Creately Team plan in the organization access the folder. For instance, a user with domain is able to discover the folder if they're in a team plan. You can set the permission to view only or edit only from the menu.

Specific Users

You can add the email addresses of the people you would like to share the folder and they will be able to access with a view or edit permission.

Share with Specific Users or with the Team

Q : How do I know if a Folder is shared with me?

A: Shared folder will be added to the list of folders and you can access it them in the folder panel. Here's How to access documents and folders?

Find out how to Remove a Collaborator from a Folder

Need to change a user role inside a folder? Refer to Changing Collaborator Role in a Folder
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