Documents in Creately can be moved between folders easily. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to do it.

Select the folder you would like to move documents from
Hover over the 3 dots of the document you would like to move
You can then select the ‘Move’ option
A window showing a list of folders will appear - The list will include following types of folders

Folders which you have created
Folders which are shared with you as an editor

You can't move documents to folders which are not created by you or shared with reviewer permission to you.

You can now select the folder you would like to move the document to
Click on the ‘Move Document’ button and the document will be moved

You can refer to the screencast as it explains the document moving steps.

In addition, you can move a document within the editor, via folder panel. Please refer to the GIF image for details.

Moving documents via folder panel
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