We understand the importance of iterating to bring out the best of ideas we have to achieve a goal or a task. This is why collaboration takes an important play in Creately.

Real-time Collaboration

This is our favorite in Creately. Work together in a document and you can see how others are making changes or suggesting changes in the document as it happens. This way you don't want to wait for days to get any feedback on the process flow or org chart from your team members.

Tip: Add comments to collaboration and communicate effectively

You can see the list of collaborators in a document from the header of the editor

Collaborators Listed in the Header

Or, you can click the "share" button to view the collaborators

View Collaborators in the Share Panel

In addition, you can view the last active day or time of each collaborator from the top toolbar

See Collaborators Who are Active in Real-Time

Collaborate while you commute - coming soon

Access your documents on your mobile and review the changes you asked your team members to make, while you're commuting.

Learn more about Sharing a Document and start collaborating now
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