In a Creately Team Plan, each team member is assigned a specific role. You can be an Admin, Member of a Super Admin. Why do you need to specify these roles? You can read about that in this article: User roles and permission inside Creately Team Plan

Super Admin (Super Administrator) does not only own the account and carry out all functions but is the one who pays for the account as well. Super Admin is responsible for allowing users to access Creately by providing access to the Team plan, managing billing and handling upgrades and downgrades of team subscription

How to change the super admin role?

Super admin cannot be changed at your end. For this, you need to open a support ticket with the following details,

Consent of the existing super admin to change the role of the requested user.

Email address of the new super admin that you have requested (please make sure to add the new super admin to your team)

Please note that the billing will also be assigned to the new super admin as well. You cannot assign billing to another person/user apart for the super admin.


Q: Can the super admin access everyone's diagrams and projects within the team?
A: No, diagrams/projects can only be accessed it by the creator of the diagram/project, unless they share it with the super admin.

Q: Can I have 2 users as super admins in the Team?
A: No, at the moment this is not possible in the Creately team plans. However, you can assign admin roles to more than 1 user. Admins can carry out most of the functions as listed in this article
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