Working with text has never been easy in Creately before. You can simply add a shape and start typing.

Adding text

You can add text on shapes and connectors in the following methods as shown in the image,

Left-hand toolbar - Highlighted in A
Contextual toolbar - Highlighted in B
Text section under Shape info panel - Highlighted in C

Tip: You can simply drag and drop shape and start typing. No need to access controls to add text.

Adding Text

Format text

Make it presentable to your audience with small tweaks that plays a huge part in your document. Here’s how you can format text to make it more appealing to your viewers.

Applying font styles

You can select from the list of preloaded font styles you would like to use. Simply click on the Text section under Shape info panel from the right side of the editor.

Selecting a Font Style - Shape info Panel

Text section under Shape info panel

Text section under Shape info panel enables a few unique controls over text formatting. Please refer to the attached screenshot

Text align (A) - Left, Center, Right
Text position (B) - Select a position inside or outside the shape to place the text

Text Positioning and Text Aligning

Contextual toolbar and Shape info panel

More common text formatting can be applied in the Text section under Shape info panel and the Contextual toolbar

Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough
Font size
Text color

Text Format - Contextual Toolbar and Shape Info Panel
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