You can now add links to documents you create in Creately. Add clickable text to navigate easily.

Hyperlinks can be added to any shape that contains editable text. You can highlight a word, a sentence or even a paragraph and link it to another external location using the link button on the contextual text toolbar

Add a Hyperlink

Add a Hyperlink

Highlight the word, sentence or the character you would like to add a link to
Click on the link button from the contextual text toolbar
A secondary toolbar will appear to add the link
Press the Enter key to apply changes

Add Hyperlink to a Text in Your Document

Find out more about How to Edit a Hyperlink? in a Document

How to Navigate to a Link?

Method 1

You can press Command key/Ctrl key and click on the hyperlinked text to navigate to the linked destination

Method 2

Click on the linked text
Click on the linked address from the secondary toolbar to visit the destination

Method 3

You can go to view mode of the document and click on the hyperlinked text to easily navigate.

If you want to remove a Hyperlink, refer to How to Remove a Hyperlink?

Q: Can I export a Document with hyperlinks?
A: Exporting a Document with hyperlinks as SVG and PDF will be supported in the near future

Q: Can I add links to Shapes?
A: Adding links to shapes, is in progress. Will be adding this soon.
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