You can access all the comments added in the document from the Comments Panel. Here, you can access active and resolved comments and threads. All the comments will have,

Last Commenter info - Name, Photo
The last comment added.
Time the comment was posted.
The number of replies in the thread.

Comments Panel showcase comments threads in the following methods.

If a comment thread has a one user

If a comment thread has only one user commenting and replying to it, it will show the commenter's name and photo with the latest comment they've added.

Single-User Comment Thread

If a comment thread has multiple users

If a comment thread has multiple users commenting and replying, it will show the last commenter's and the previous commenter's photo along with the last commenter's name. The last comment on the thread will also be displayed here.

Multi-User Comment Thread

You can see all resolved comments and active comments in the panel. Resolved comments are listed under the “Resolved” section.

Q: How do I identify a comment that’s added to a particular shape?
A: You can simply click on the active comment/thread from the comments panel, and the comment will open with the comments box thread on the canvas.

Open a comment added to a particular shape

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Delete a comment thread
Edit comments
Unread comments
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