You can switch back to Creately Classic app by visiting the URL and access your diagrams and project folders. You can migrate all your diagrams and folders when you're ready to Creately new app.

However, if you're already using Creately Classic and would like to try our new app, simply make the switch.

In addition, you can select the app - either Creately Classic or Creately, you would like to load as soon as you visit our website. Please follow the step mentioned below,

When you're on log in with your email and password to Creately account.
Hover over the "Go to App" button
You can then select the app you would like to access and load it.

Switch Between Apps via Creately Website

You can switch Creately Classic without leaving the new app

Click the logo to go back to Diagram Dashboard from Creately new app
On the left side, projects list you will be able to see the option to "Go to Creately Classic"
Click on the button to switch

Go to Creately Classic
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