How do I access recently create/modify/shared documents?

When you sign in and click on the "Go to App" button, you're directly taken to the recent documents section.

Here you can access the following work,

Last created document
Last modified documents
Last shared documents - Documents that are shared with you by others.

It's an easy pass to access your recent documents and continue with working on them.

Access documents you’ve been working on lately without leaving the editor. With the new update, you are getting access to the recent folder inside the editor as shown in the screenshot below.

Access your recent Documents from Folder Panel

You can scroll through and access your most recent documents. However, the recent folder will only list the 50 recent documents with the mix of,

Documents you created
Documents you modified
Documents which were shared with you

Scroll through to Select a Document

In addition, you can search by a document name and select to open it in a new browser tab.

Search a Document by name

Q: Can I access a specific folder in the folder panel?
A: We’re already working on this, with our next update you should be able to browse other folders as well.

Q: Can I rename/delete/duplicate a document or a folder from the folder panel?
A: Not at the moment, with our upcoming series of updates this will be covered.
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