Migrating from Classic to Creately

Creately comes with an option to import documents from Creately Classic.

The importer is in beta (as of 27th June 2019) and we are aggressively working towards a general release. The imported documents can be edited and changed. However, as Creately and Classic have different features, some advanced shape features from Creately Classic will no longer work inside Creately.

Additionally, Connectors between shapes are stationary when imported, you may need to re-connect shapes using Creately connectors if you are moving things around.

Learn more about importing documents from Creately Classic in this article Import documents and folders

When Should I Migrate from Classic to Next?

We recommend all new documents to be created in Creately.

If you have content in Classic which is being edited actively, our recommendation is for you to remain in Classic for the time being.
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