We are in the process of making some changes to Creately as we move to give you the worlds simplest way to work and collaborate visually.

We have a new product!

Creately Next, is the future of Creately. It gives you super simple tools to create diagrams and visuals. It’s stable, getting faster by the day and is ready to use now!

New features are being added every week and it supports a wide variety of diagram types. It’s a completely new experience with a simple interface with powerful features that just work without you having to think about them.

Creately Classic

The tried and tested version of Creately that you’ve used over the years is now named “Creately Classic”. Creately Classic will continue to work reliably as it has always been. However, Creately Classic depends on Adobe Flash and you will have to activate this plugin on your browser to access Classic.

You can choose to use Creately Classic from links that are provided on various locations on the site or here (https://creately.com/app)

Creately Classic will eventually be discontinued and we will announce plans for this in Q3 2019.
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