Working Visually in Slack gets a boost with our Creately for Slack integration.

What does the integration do?
Create new documents right inside Slack with a slack command
Creately links become rich previews of the document

Install Creately for Slack

Click the link below.
Add Creately to Slack

Or install Creately from Slack itself
Open Slack and sign in
Click on the “Apps” to browse apps
Search for “Creately” in the search panel
Click “Install”

You should now be able to install the Creately app and add it to your public channels.

Adding Creately to Slack Channels

Select/open the channel you would like to add the Creately integration to
Click on the gear icon on the top (next to the search bar)
Click on “Add an App” option
Search for “Creately” on the search field
Click on “Add”

Add Creately to Slack Channels

Creately will be added to the channel immediately. You can now start sharing Creately docs you were working on with the channel

Sharing Creately Docs in Slack

You can share documents in public Slack channels with view and edit permission.

Open the document you want to share with the Slack channel/s
Copy Creately document URL from the browser address bar
Paste the URL in the Slack channel so everyone in the channel can preview the document image

Sharing Creately Docs

Creately document images are periodically refreshed with the latest update to the doc. So everyone will usually see the latest version of the doc.

Creating new documents via Slack

If you are in a discussion, and a visual is needed you can now create a new Creately doc right inside the channel.

In any channel, type /creately new <document name>
replace <document name> with the document name you wish to have.
If you have permission to create new documents as per your plan, Creately will respond with a link to a new document.
Others can click on the link to open Creately and edit the document in real-time.

Documents created via Slack are by default are in 'Link Share' mode. So anyone with access to the secure link can access the document.
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