Our Google Drive integration is now live! Access, create, organize and share your Creately files and documents right in Google Drive.

Installing Creately for Google Drive

Sign in with your Google account - Which you’ve used to register with Creately
Visit G Suite Marketplace and search Creately
You can also get the app by clicking - Creately
Click the “Install” button to proceed
In the next step, you can select the Google account you would like to proceed with
You will need to grant access to Creately to manage and view Google Drive files and folders. You can always see or remove access in your Google Account

Installing Creately for Google Drive

Creating a new Document from Google Drive

New document

From Drive, select New > More > Creately Diagram, and a new document will be opened in the Creately editor.

Creating a new document from Google Drive

Name the document
Start drawing your masterpiece
Changes will be automatically synced with Drive, including the document name and thumbnail. The synchronization will take up to 5 minutes to complete.

Create a document in Google Drive

Note: Renaming a document on Google Drive does not update the existing name on Creately. Therefore, you can only rename by opening the document on Creately.

Deleting a document

You can delete a document by right-clicking on it. However, deleting a document on Google Drive will not remove it from Creately. You need to open the document on Creately and delete it if you need to.

Q: Where can I find my Creately documents created from Google Drive?
A: All your Google Drive documents will be saved under the Home folder by default.

Collaborating through Google Drive

All changes others make to the document will automatically be saved in Creately and synced with Google Drive. To share a document,

Select the document you would like to share
Click share on the top toolbar or right-click on the document to select share
Enter names or email addresses in the share panel
Your collaborators will receive an email notification via Google Drive on the shared document
They can click on “Open” button in the email to view and open the document

Note: Collaborators you add via Google Drive will be added as an editor. You can’t add a collaborator with view/comment permission at the moment.
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