Introducing Creately's New Desktop

With our new Desktop version, you will now be able to experience faster and smoother visualisation. Our existing Classic Desktop version was built on top of Adobe AIR runtime and to simplify the visualisation and collaboration experience, performance improvement, we've rebuilt it with current industry standards.

How does it work?

Creately’s new Desktop application works the same as it does on the browser and you need to be connected to the internet to use it.

Desktop application source, shapes, and libraries are all loaded from your local storage, this reduces the network latency to load shapes, search shapes, etc. In addition, you can load and work on multiple documents in the same window via the left side folder panel and load the previous diagram by default upon opening Creately Desktop.

With a Desktop plan, you get 1 year of Creately Desktop App usage + 1 year of Creately Cloud usage. This includes bug fixes, version updates, and priority support.

When the plan expires, you’ll not be able to access the documents and folders in the Desktop app, but you can access them by logging in to the Online app.

The ability to create and access documents offline in the desktop version will be enabled in Q3 2020.

The Transition from Classic Desktop

You can access all your documents and folders created in the Classic Desktop, from the new Desktop app. Please follow the steps to transit from Classic to New Desktop version

Go to the Classic Online and you should be able to see all your Classic Desktop folders and documents.

You can then switch to the new Online app and import files to the new app as instructed in the help article

Open the new Desktop app and all your documents and folders will start syncing and you will be able to access them within minutes.

The following process flowchart shows the steps explained visually.

Classic Desktop File Transition Process Flow

Work Offline

You can continue to edit the currently opened document offline and use the full shape library. Opening and/or switching between documents offline is not supported at the moment. The feature for offline creating/editing of documents will be rolled out in Q3 of 2020.
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