Contextual toolbar helps you access the tools you need during diagramming. A mini toolbar for each shape, text, connector or group of shapes. Find out how you can utilize this toolbar to draw a diagram effectively.

Contextual toolbar for a Single Shape

You can access contextual toolbar by selecting a shape. Selecting a single shape enables you to,

Add text
Add connectors
Apply style

add text, connector and style

Contextual toolbar for text formatting

Once you add a text using contextual toolbar, you can apply a text color, text size and format it as you prefer.

format text with contextual toolbar

Do more with connectors

You can easily create and connect connectors with contextual toolbar, for further formatting and styling click on the connector and you'll able to access these options.

Select the connector type

default connector types

By default, you'll be able to see these two types for most of the connectors. However, if you're using the UML diagram types, ER diagram types or Network diagrams you'll be able to access more connector types in the list.

connector types for ERD

connector types for UML Class

Select a connector style

connector style

Select an arrow style

arrow style

Change arrow direction

Simply change the arrow direction by a single click. This is helpful if you're drawing a complex diagram.

change direction

Apply style to a connector

You can apply a color to the connector and also change the connector style to dotted line and solid line.

style with a solid line

style with a dotted line

Contextual toolbar for Multiple Shapes

You can access the contextual toolbar when you select multiple shapes, connectors and/or text.

Group button

Grouping shapes, text and connectors lets you a part of the diagram lock so you can move, format the grouped items with a single click. You can also move a grouped items within the editor in one go.

group shapes, text or connectors with Group button

Align button

Align button aligns the selected shapes, connectors or text along any of the given axis.

align button

Style Button

You can apply a fill color, line color (solid or dotted) to multi selected shapes and connectors.

apply style to multiple shapes and connectors
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