Adding members to a team plan is simple. As soon as you purchase the Team plan or you're assigned to an admin role, you can start adding members to the team plan.

Log in to your Creately account and visit the URL

Enter the email addresses, each separated by a comma, on the “Add Members" section. Click the "Add Members" button.

add team members by email address

Once the users are added correctly they will receive an email invitation to join the team and register if they're haven't registered already.


Q: How do I change a team member? Do I need to delete one of the team members to add a new one?

A: Only an Admin or Super Admin can add/remove a member and only Super Admin can add/remove an admin in the team plan.

Q: What are the user roles and permission inside a team plan?

A: Please refer to this support article for this: User roles and permission inside Creately Team Plan

For further questions with regard to team subscriptions, please open a ticket by visiting: Creately Support Desk
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